Mens Biore Pore Pack 10 Pcs 3 Types

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Effectively eliminates blackheads with pore tightening formulation. Simpler to see the outcome of eliminating blackheads with black color pore pack. How to use: Twist Pore package to ease as well as separate slits with hands that are dried up. Peel Pore pack from the clear plastic liner. Opened Pore package should be used promptly. Wet your nose thoroughly. Pore pack won't stick on a dried up nose. hands that are Dried up. Apply to nose area, sleek side down, pressing down to ensure decent contact with skin. Let dry for about 10-15 minutes. Pore pack will feel rigid when it is all set to be removed. Drying period might count on weather. slowly and Carefully peel starting at both edges, pulling toward center.

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