Peeling V10 Essence 180Ml

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Zein Obagi. Used between facial cleanser as well as product, Wiggle Beauty Fluid. Five kinds of acids (horny soft matter) penetrating throughout the stratum corneum, securely developed with phytic acid, gluconic acid, citric acid, lactic acid and glycolic acid, so that you can really feel stiffness of your skin on account of old horny layer, roughness and dullness of the pores soft and smooth. Daily peel prescription adopted. It is original prescription that considers stimulus that can be done everyday wiping care. How to use: Take an appropriate quantity in velvet, fold it in half and allow it to spread, then spread it and set it on 5 faces of face (both cheek forehead chin nose). Wipe carefully to avoid rubbing all around the eyes as well as mouth and allow it to meet from the center of the face on the outdoors and from the bottom part on the top. If you twist your nostrils, let's particularly thoroughly apply the components you are concerned about roughness as well as darkness.

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