Fragranced Hand Cream Set 4 Pcs

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This particular Fragranced Hand Cream Set contains: Baby Powder Hand Cream 50ml Lovely Rose Hand Cream 50ml Aqua Soap Hand Cream 50ml Floral Musk Hand Cream 50ml Benefits: A hypoallergenic hand cream with 5 types of fragrance: Floral Musk, Aqua Soap, Cherry Blossom, Lovely Rose, Baby Powder. BOUQUET GARNI's engineering that is unique uses high quality fragrance ingredients to give a durable, rich fragrance. Contains all naturally-derived botanical ingredients which profoundly moisturizes your hands and lasts without stickiness. Its protein-rich formula to supply cuticle treatment for your nails. How to use: Dispense a reasonable amount and evenly spread on your hands.

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