Maquillage Dramatic Styling Eyes S 5 Types

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An eye shadow that naturally brings a huge eye on the eyes with a brown color that blends in together with the pupil color along with a seamless gradation with a calculated border. Brighten your eyes naturally with the brownish combine result that assimilate with the color of your eyes. Easily adheres to eyes which have a tendency to dry out with cream base. Perhaps even if you duplicate it, the color development without dullness lasts for awhile now. How to use: Clear foundation of eyes (color in top of the left): spread over the whole eyelid. Seamless grade coloring (right color): apply to the whole eyelid. Gloss issue color (bottom left color): solid guideline provides brightness. If you would like to develop a bigger eye area, insert the reduced side of Dark Me Grade on the eyelid with a good tip.

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