Malon Aesthetic Steam Mask 3 Pcs

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A sheet mask that could be utilized while bathing. With a steamy bath room and a warm warmth like a wealthy seem like caring at a beauty salon. It results in moisture like skin which is bloody and shy. The scent of white floral which can take pleasure in the elegant aesthetic feeling. Paraben free, uncolored, mineral oil, silicone free. How to use: Do not start the aluminum bag, set it in a bathtub and warm up it for about 10 minutes. Get rid of the warm conceal out of the bag and bring the mask into good communication with the entire face. Use it on your skin gently moistened. Carry it with a guide of 5-10 minutes while immersing in a tub. After packing, allow the remaining essence be applied to your skin, and also carry out regular upkeep with milky lotion and cream, etc.

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